Happy Holidays from MRHS Library

Happy Holidays!

Best wishes for 2023!

Happy Holidays! ••• Joyeuses fêtes! ••• Merry Christmas ••• Joyeux Hanoukka ••• Happy Rohatsu ••• Joyeux Kwanzaa ••• Joyeux Solstice d’Hiver ••• Joyous Kwanzaa ••• Happy Hanukkah ••• Bonne Rohatsu ••• Merry Winter Solstice ••• Joyeux Noël

Nos meilleurs vœux pour 2023!

EBSCOhost E-Books

There are some e-books available through EBSCOhost, our research database.


The username is peiebsco and the password is database!21

Scroll all the way down and click on ‘Canadian EBOOK Collection’ to see the options; use the choices along the side to focus your search.

Enjoy Vikings!

Mrs. Killeen

Self Care!!

I just wanted to share my 3 favourite apps with Vikings:

  1. Headspace app for mediation. This app provides methods for mindfulness for everyday life. Right now, Headspace is offering free support during the global crisis.
  2. Colorfy is colouring therapy on your mobile device! It’s one secret against anxiety. Time flies by and problems fade away while you chill out, relax & have fun painting.
  3. And of course Sora reading and listening app where PEI students can access audio & e-books from the “waffle” in student google accounts (further instructions on my blog on school website).  If you have any questions about these apps, send me an email!  Take care of yourselves, Vikings! Mrs. Killeen xo

SORA Reading App from Mrs. Killeen

PEI Department of Education English & French programs have launched the Sora Google App for Education. Sora is a new reading and listening app supported by the Prince Edward Island Department of Education. This app will provide ebooks and audio books for students in our K-12 system.

With Sora, students and staff can access a large collection of ebooks and audiobooks for independent, self-directed, or teacher-assigned reading. Students can read or listen to these books using a Chromebook, desktop computer, or even personal mobile device at home.

Although it is in the early stages, you will see the Sora App in your Google App Launcher Icon ( the “waffle”).  Students and teachers can actually access this already.
Access is restricted based on the following:
Grades K-6: Juvenile Literature
Grades 7-9:  Juvenile and Young Adult
Grades 10-12 and Teachers: Full AccessStudents will need their school login (@cloud.edu.pe.ca) to use it at home or on a personal device. When asked for their school, they search for the “Prince Edward Island Department of Education”- English OR French!
ALSO…check out this handy link
(highlight and right click the above links and “Go to..” to see how to make the most out of Sora app on your Google account!)

EWC-Encounters With Canada Permanent Closure of Program

When Encounters with Canada launched back in 1982-, its mission was to promote “a better understanding of Canada among young Canadians”. Since then, the Ottawa-based program has been a formative experience for more than 113,000 youths from who have travelled from across Canada to attend week-long sessions. Unfortunately, the challenges and costs of navigating the program through COVID-19 have reached breaking point. Sadly, they are therefore announcing the full closure of the Encounters with Canada program, which suspended operations last March. They regret the impact on young Canadians who hoped to attend the program in future. We are also grateful for the support of past participants and staff who fueled the success of this program for nearly 38 years. For those MRHS students who were fortunate enough to attend, Mrs. Killeen asks that you please take to social media, tag EWC to share your positive experiences and show support to Encounters staff.